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Bebé soñoliento


Bebé durmiendo

Fabian, Andrea and Simón

As new parents, happy and excited with the news of our pregnancy, we began to feel that there were a thousand things to think about and this overwhelmed us a lot.

In the middle of this process looking for a doula, thank God we found Lina, who with her professionalism, disposition and patience guided us from scratch to enter this wonderful world of parenthood, what to buy, how to prepare for childbirth, breastfeeding, newborn care and everything necessary for this new task of parenting.

Thank you Lina for making life easier for us, for letting us see everything easier and for helping us organize a new life in a practical and appropriate way for us and our baby.

We will always tell Simón about you and how much you helped us for his arrival. A big hug, a thousand, a thousand thanks!

Madre sonriente con bebé recién nacido

Anita, Jose and Gabriel

Lina's advice throughout the process of becoming a family of 3 was fundamental. She was with us during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. We live in the United States and it is common to have a Doula here, which is why we did an extensive search, since we did not know much about it. When we met Lina and understood what her accompaniment was like, we decided that she would come at the birth of our baby. He gave us peace of mind, professionalism, knowledge, experience and above all, he helped us to cushion this entire process that comes with a million changes, he helped us organize ourselves in those first days where everything can become a bit chaotic. Thanks to her, we had a successful breastfeeding from the first day (we are 18 months), a wonderful birth experience and a few quiet first days, without unnecessary visits to the pediatrician, full of support and teachings.
Thank you Lina for always being there for us with a voice of encouragement, to always resolve our concerns and therefore love for Gabriel. Without a doubt, having your support has been one of the best decisions we have made as a family.

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